Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions section. If you have any questions about the projects, then you can read up on the answers here. All of these questions are real questions that have been sent to us in the past.

Q: How did the projects start?

A: Read over the history section to see how the projects started.

Q: Who are the people who started the projects?

A: The projects were originally started by mexicanjunior (Sotero Lopez) and Fluxmeister (Tim Stair). More details are found on the history page. The list of coordinators and editors can be found on the individual project pages.

Q: Why are there old commercials in the projects?

A: The commercials were an idea by Fluxmeister and were added for comedic and nostalgic purposes. The commercials were also meant to transition into videos.

Q: How long does it take to create a VG Project?

A: The process usually begins in the fall around October or November and we try to air it at Anime Weekend Atlanta in September. So it's pretty much an average of 10 months per project. We need to allow time for all the editors to get their videos done and some can take up to a few months to get finished (Zarxrax's Tetris track on the RVG Project for example). Each video needs to be examined by the coordinators to see if they adhere by the technical and project guidelines. After everything is confirmed, the coordinators go over the track order, convention negotiations, addressing technical issues with the videos, and the final compilation. Each of these processes take a very long while to do so a very long time frame is needed to ensure that project is finished in the highest quality possible.

Q: How can I make videos like the ones in the projects?

A: It would take us a long time to explain how each of the videos are made because each of the editors has their own style and they all may use different programs. Some of the most popular programs are Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, and Adobe After Effects. You can look them up on any search engine for more information.

Q: Where can I download the projects?

A: Go to the downloads section for more information.

Q: Where can I get a dvd of the projects?

A: You can download them on the dvd page.

What do the remixers think of the projects?

A: Most of the remixers have been really cool with the projects. However, there was once a time where the remixers were unaware that we were using their songs without their permission. We were able to settle things peacefully with them and now the majority of them support the projects.

Q: Where can I watch the projects on the big screen?

A: We have sent out tons of dvds to conventions all over the country in the past. Sadly since the projects are quite old, there's a pretty high chance most of them will not show the projects anymore. However, any new installments will always premiere first at Anime Weekend Atlanta in September. If you want the projects shown at your local convention, definitely let them know and we'll be happy to send out dvds to them!

Q: Why is Anime Weekend Atlanta the first place where all the projects premiere?

A: Anime Weekend Atlanta (AWA) is the best place for Anime Music Videos because they have a dedicated Video Art Track (VAT) that shows AMVs all day. AMVs are treated with the utmost respect at AWA than any other convention.

Q: How can I join one of the projects?

A: There are no more projects running.

Q: Who runs this site?

A: Castor Troy runs this site. He's the former assistant coordinator of the RVG and VG3 Projects, the main coordinator of VG4, and an editor who did work for all the projects.

Q: Can you and your editors use this remix with this anime?

A: It all depends on the interest of the editors. Most of the time the editors find a track on their own that they want to edit to.

Q: Will there be any future VG Projects?

A: Nope. There will be no more after VG5. Sorry!

Any other questions not listed here that you want to ask, send them here.