In September of 2002, during the premiere of the DDR2 Project (Dance Dance Revolution Project 2) at Anime Weekend Atlanta 8, a drunken mexicanjunior (Sotero Lopez) just came up with an idea. Inspired by the DDR Project, mexicanjunior thought of an amv project dedicated to music from the original NES. The original intent was to do amvs to BGM from NES games, but Fluxmeister (Tim Stair) thought it wouldn't be exciting enough so he decided that music remixes from NES games should be used instead. Fluxmeister also came up with the idea to use game sprites and footage integrated with the videos to make them more fun and memorable. After much discussion, mexicanjunior and Fluxmeister finally created the NES Project 2003.

2002-2003: NES Project 2003
The project was met with alot of interest and was premiered at Anime Weekend Atlanta 9 in 2003. The project was a massive success and spawned it's 16-bit sequel, The Retro Video Game Project 2004.

2003-2004: Retro Video Game Project 2004
The RVG Project 2004 was the successor to the NES Project now focusing on the 16-bit era and below. Castor Troy (Ryan Molina) joined up as the extra asisstant coordinator to help out mexicanjunior and Fluxmeister. The RVG Project took a more serious tone than the NES Project with the introduction of more serious drama videos. While there were less editors and the project was much shorter, the project was another massive success at it's premiere at Anime Weekend Atlanta 10 in 2004. With the 2nd project's success, the team decided to end things with a trilogy.

2004-2005: Video Game Project 3
Following the success of the RVG Project, VG3 was meant to be the final project in the original VG Project trilogy focusing on the 32/64 bit era and below. There was massive interest in the project and more editors joined up. The project was very successful at it's premiere at Anime Weekend Atlanta 11 in 2005. Although many editors were sad that the VG Projects were over, the coordinators thought it was the best thing to end it with a trilogy.... or so we thought..

2006-2007: Video Game Project IV - Rebirth
After one year without a VG Project at Anime Weekend Atlanta 12 in 2006, mexicanjunior missed having a project on the big screen. After much planning, Castor Troy decided to ressurect the projects and started VG4, now focused on the PS2/GC/Xbox era of gaming and below. Sadly mexicanjunior and Fluxmeister did not reprise their roles as coordinators, leaving everything up to Castor. However, Castor took up the project without hesitation to begin a new era for the VG projects. The project will premiered at Anime Weekend Atlanta 13 in 2007.

2008-2009: Video Game Project 5 - Revival of Heroes!
After covering all of the past eras of gaming, the VG Projects have now reached the current generation of consoles. Can Megaman and co. stop Dr. Wily's evil plan this time? Watch the explosive finale to the VG Project series!!