Welcome to the Official site of the Video Game AMV Projects. The VG Projects are a series of anime music videos dedicated to remixes of video game music. Starting from the original Nintendo Entertainment System, the VG Projects cover an important era of gaming each year. A combination of anime and video games, the amvs in the VG Project bring a whole new experience and nostalgic memories to both fans of anime and video games alike. The projects have been shown across anime conventions all across the country and have been enjoyed by thousands of fans. This site is an extensive database for all of the project videos and it's future installments. Whether you're someone who's seen the projects since day one, or just brand new to the site and projects, I hope you enjoy your stay and enjoy the Video Game AMV Projects!

The projects usually air at MAGFest every year. Check their schedule for showing times!

Never expected an actual update did you? All of the VG Project DVD ISO files are now available to download! Now you can enjoy the projects on your own home theater!

Click on the image above to go to the DVD download page.